Tips for a perfect gift

I bet at least once in your life you had this problem: "What gift to choose for my friend / family member / love / colleague ..."

Well, I can assure you, that you are not the first one with this problem and surely not the last one.

And there are a lot of pages in internet with different options, or different tips in finding the best gift for that special friend of yours, however, from some reason, hardly any of them work. And besides, your friend is special for you, and you really want to surprise him / her with a special gift. 

Being in this situation multiple times, with a lot of wonderful and loved people around, made me decide to have my own tips in finding the perfect gift for each of them.

First of all, make a list of all things the person is interested in.

Then, choose between the sections where are you in terms of money:

Literally few coins

  • Not a problem at all! You still can surprise your friend, by making that day special for him / her:
  • Prepare something (cook a desert or a meal that he/ she likes) - there are a lot of recipes described step by step.
  • Organize a board game with some common friends - it will be definitely fun.
  • Take the train / bus nowhere - Just go to the station and pick the first train and go, spend some time traveling with your friend, almost for free.  Then go out and take the other one, continue the fun until the end of the day - when you need to find the right train to go home :)
  • Make something handmade by you - it will be much appreciated by your friend, knowing that you spent your valuable time, creating that special gift for him/her.
  • Organize a lunch/ dinner at your place and invite some common friends.
  • Make a CD with personalized music.
  • Take a photo which you have with your friend and make it puzzle.


Have some money, not much

  • Make your small present an event! Even if you could buy just a cup, put it in a nice box with flowers and a nice card with special words that will make it different. You could do the same with different small but cute things, like:
    • Photo Frame
    • Earrings
    • Candles
    • Live flower
    • Pet
    • Interesting and challenging puzzles / games - they are great for almost all ages
    • A book
    • A Necklace
    • Aromatherapy diffuser
    • BBQ Briefcase
    • Watch
    • An Umbrella
    • A nice bracelet
    • Wine glasses 
    • And this list can continue endlessly, with cheap, but nice things that can remind about you after years.
  • Organize a photo shooting with a good photographer friend of yours.
  • Verify Amazon deals for a month before, you can find good prices there


Budget is not a problem

  • Organize a professional photo shooting with a professional photographer
  • Set of jewelry
  • Tickets to Spa / Massage
  • Tickets to a trip somewhere he / she loves
  • Organize a shopping day
  • A new gadget which he /she may be mentioned in the past that would like to buy 

Having the present, now try to add something of yourself in it. Attach something personalized from your side, your scarf, if you can draw beautifully - go for it, create an art ...  you got the idea... In this way it will be unique and definitely you'll impress him/ her.

That day should be special for them, but it will be special only if it'll be special for you. Remember that they need their friends on these days, friends who can bring them to a great mood, who will support them, who will be there for them. Gift is just a nice gesture, you are the most important part of the puzzle!

Hope these small tips will be helpful for at least some of you! 

Thank you for being here with me today!